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Pickle is more than a game. The game creates a balance between ‘social’ and gaming. Individuals can play in multiple games. There is a sentiment of competition and reward. The App can be seen to mirror real life. The game is actually set within the confines of a real world environment – i.e. a coffee shop, restaurant, bar etc.


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More than a game

From an empty lobby to a party

Ask a series of questions to anonymous people until only one remains, and then all is revealed.

Meeting people can be fun

5 people, 3 rounds, 1 winner! After each round, the host eliminates a player, until just the winner and host remain. Pictures are revealed! What happens next is up to you!

Ask Questions

Keep questions open for fun and interesting responses. Giving people the opportunity to interact, allows you to get to know someone.

Giving people the opportunity to interact

Put your personality first! Give everyone an equal opportunity to stand out. Be original. Be you.


Have Fun & Connect With People

Pickle is more than a game. It puts all the excitement of meeting new people and the thrill of the chase, in the palm of your hand. Whether you are looking for a date, or just a bit of fun, come and have a play! The game is simple, its like blind date. A host askes 4 players questions, each round they eliminate the answer that impresses the least. When one player remains, their images are revealed to each other. What happens next, is up to you.

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Dating Reinvented!

Put personality and conversation first.

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